Saulo Dantas-Barreto graduated from A. Stradivari International Violin Making Institute (Cremona - Italy) in 1992, where he was trained by Giorgio Cè (violin-making) and Piero Ferraroni (sculpture) and Bachelor of Music (violin) from the Federal University of Paraíba (Brazil). His work has been highly praised for its mastery and has obtained worldwide recognition.

His instruments can be heard in Europe - notably in Italy and Spain - where he lived for 12 years. Some of his most important works are the Queen's Quartet, the Stradivarian Harp, the Rio Branco Quartet, and the Cavalcabò Violin.

The Queen's Quartet is a complete string quartet set (two violins, viola, and cello) specially made for the Spanish Royal House, which is now part of the Music Instrument Collection of the Royal Palace in Madrid. The Stradivarian Harp is a copy of the single harp made by the Italian master Antonio Stradivari in 1681. Mr. Dantas-Barreto made this copy for the Italian Government, which is part of the permanent exhibition at the Cremona Violin-Making Institute. The Rio Branco Quartet is another complete set of instruments made especially for the Triennale di Cremona (October 2000), while the Cavalcabò Violin was dedicated to the Marquises of Cremona.

The work of Mr. Dantas-Barreto has been supported by the Brazilian Government, through the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq, the Italian/Latin American Institute (Rome - Italy), the Walter Stauffer Foundation (Cremona - Italy) as well as The Brazilian Royal Family.

Violin Maker of the 41st Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão and responsible for maintaining the instrumental strings Santa Marcelina Cultura.
In July 2010 was released by the Publisher Alaúde the book "Aleijadinho The Cello "
(Text Marcia Glogowski - showing all construction of this thematic instrument.

Mr. Dantas-Barreto now lives in São Paulo, Brazil, focusing on repairing as well as instrument-making.
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